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Safety in Turkey

Turkey is one of the safest countries in the world with Interpol ranking it as the safest holiday destination in Europe. As is the case when travelling in any country though, do be careful with your personal possessions when out and about and never leave items unattended. You will find the police helpful and friendly and in many of the tourist resorts there are special tourism police who speak different languages.

Although Turkey is by no way a dangerous country to visit, it’s always wise to be a little cautious, especially if you’re travelling alone. Be wary of pickpockets in buses, markets and other crowded places. Keep an eye out for anyone lurking near ATMs.

In Turkey safety seems a low priority. Holes in pavements go unmended and unlit at night; precipitous drops go unguarded; safety belts are worn only as long as it takes to drive past a police officer before being released; lifeguards on beaches are conspicuous by their absence. Don’t even ask yourself how safe it is for a dolmuş driver to be negotiating a bend while simultaneously counting out change! Things are changing slowly, but parents of young children in particular will need to be on their guard at all times.

At the time of writing, travelling in the southeast is safe as the unrest there appears to have largely subsided. However, the Kurdish issue is far from resolved, so be sure to check the situation before setting out.

There are two types of police in Turkey – civil police (polis) and military police (jandarma-gendarme). In many areas, you will find that there is just one or the other, and that both fulfil the same function. In some places, there are also specialist tourist police. If you need to report a crime, you should go to the nearest police station. In tourist areas there will usually be someone available who speaks English or you can request a translator. You will usually be asked to submit and sign a statement. It is advisable to request a copy of any documents in case you need them at a later stage.

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