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Health in Turkey

You will need to pay for any medical treatment you receive in Turkey. For this reason, it is advisable to take out medical insurance before travelling. It is not difficult to find English-speaking doctors in all but the most remote areas. There are also international hospitals in many of the larger towns and resorts. There are pharmacies in most places with trained pharmacists who are able to offer advice on minor illnesses.

A little planning before departure, particularly for pre-existing illnesses, will save you a lot of trouble later. See your dentist before a long trip; carry a spare pair of contact lenses and glasses (and take your optical prescription with you); and carry a first-aid kit with you.

It’s tempting to leave it all to the last minute – don’t! Many vaccines don’t ensure immunity until two weeks after they are given, so visit a doctor four to eight weeks before departure. Ask your doctor for an International Certificate of Vaccination (otherwise known as the yellow booklet), which will list all the vaccin­ations you’ve received. This is mandatory for countries that require proof of yellow fever vaccination upon entry, but it’s a good idea to carry it wherever you travel.


Find out in advance if your insurance plan will make payments directly to providers or reimburse you later for overseas health expend­itures (in Turkey doctors generally expect payment in cash). If you are required to pay upfront, make sure you keep all documentation. Some policies ask you to call a centre in your home country (reverse charges) for an immediate assessment of your problem. It’s also worth ensuring your travel insurance will cover ambulances or transport either home or to better medical facilities elsewhere. Not all insurance covers emergency medical evacu­ation home by plane or to a hospital in a major city, which may be the only way to get medical attention in a serious emergency.

Your travel insurance will not usually cover you for anything other than emergency dental treatment.

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